ArcheAge Skills And Temple Priestess



When leveling you have you Base level which will indicate the amount of skill point you have to spend.

Once reaching level 55 you will have 28 Skills points to spend.

At level 5 you will be able to choose your 2nd Class and at 10 you can select your 3rd class.

These Classes can be changed by Temple Priestess.

When changing your skills it will cost you silver or gold depending on your level.
Your skills will rank up depending on the class level of said skill, You do not need to use them to rank them up.
When switching classes your class level will remain its current level so you can potentially get all classes to max level.

The Temple Priestess will allow you to exchange Labor Points for lost experience that may come from dieing.


I actually had no idea I should have been trading labor for lost XP.


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