[ArcheAge] Strats Guild [PC] (PVX)



Come for the game; stay for the people.

We currently have an active guild in ArcheAge under the Strats banner.

The “Strats ArcheAge Guild” operates in the Elf & Nuian faction, on the West Continent, using the North American server, Enla. ArchAge is such a vast and expansive world that that the focus of our guild is ever evolving.

Our members share knowledge off the field, help each other on the field, understand when to be serious, when to be casual, host game events, and foster engagement. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, read on.

##Scheduled Events
There is a weekly schedule of events covering the following areas of interest and more:

  • Hasla Weapon Farming
  • Dungeon Runs
  • PvP Events
  • Trade Runs
  • Fishing Excursions


The “Strats ArcheAge Guild” has acquired a wealth of assets:

  • 2 Farm Wagons
  • A Galleon
  • Merchant Ship
  • too many Farm Carts :smile:
  • Several large Farm Houses and a Large Guild House
  • Full collection of Regal Crafting Forms
  • Ample Farmland in Karkasse, Gweonid Forest, and Dew Stone Plain

##Be Apart of the Community

The Strats Community has a lot to offer as well:


  • Be Mature
  • Activity on this forum
  • Mature Non-Toxic Attitude

Pretty simple :slight_smile:

I’m new here, what should I do?

Click here to go to the Strats Welcome Thread.


If you have questions or you’re looking for an invite, these people might be a good start.

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