[Archeage] Trenta here. 40+ gamer Ami in Japan

Hi all. I’m an old drinker playing video games in Japan. I’ve got a pretty flexible schedule but I usually play in the wee early hours of the morning (US time.) I live in Japan so it’s great for me because the mines are empty and the trade routes are usually safe. I have two characters currently in AA level 28 (Spellsinger) and 19 (Demonologist). I’ve been playing AA for about a month now. I used to play Skyrim and EVE (500 hours.) I don’t have much PVP experience but I’m willing to learn how to conquer. I’m a web designer, teacher, and educational technologist. I’m up for just about anything as long as I can have a beer in hand. Cheers!


OH. And, yes. I’m on Enla.

Ah shoot. My bad. I’m on the East continent. Bummer.

Can’t you still group if we’re pirates? Not sure if the AA guys are still pirating.

The guild proper has strayed away from the pirate idea for now, but there almost certainly will be a branch of us who will start a pirate guild with Alts.

@Trenta You can always roll a new toon on West with us. We have plenty of resources and people who can help you level up. We run trade packs regularly and often do Dungeon runs with mentor/mentees.

Check out this post to see what we’re up to this week. (though with the time difference it may be somewhat inconvenient for you)

ようこそ, and KAMPAI

Also, @GuardianX rolled on the East side and @Glock29 has an alt over there.

[EDIT] Also, don’t know how close to Okinawa you are but if you haven’t tried it yet…

It’s for your Happy Time!!

Glockmaster is my alt on the East. We haven’t established a guild chapter over there yet.

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