Arduboy "hello world" program


I received my Arduboy developer kit the other day, and wanted to become familiar with the Arduino environment and deployment to the device. I figured the best thing to do would be to display the community logo! The display is 1-bit, meaning the individual pixels are either on or not, so no Strats green without a gel overlay like the old arcade games. I’ve got a little more of a demo done since, but this is really the most interesting part.


This looks like a very interesting platform to work with. It would be awesome to develop some games for Arduboy. How was your experience with the Arduino environment?


It’s been slow going so far. There’s no API documentation, so I’ve been consulting the C++ file for Arduboy to determine if there’s a method already written to do what I need. Rendering image data is slow, so you definitely want to draw your sprites with series of points or basic shapes. If you’ve ever used the canvas API in JavaScript, it has near-identical methods for drawing rectangles, circles, and lines.

I was hoping to have enough knowledge of it by next week to have a screencast or two posted to get others started.


I had no clue what an Arduboy was, that’s so freaking cool. So small it’s something you can always carry with you. Although to be honest, so is my cell phone. Definitely interesting though. I’d love to see what you do with it.


I’m currently in a CS program working with Java and x86 Assembly this semester, also I worked with C++ last year for two semesters. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try JavaScript due to Assembly taking up much of my time. I do like how Java has API Documentation though, definitely helps with understanding the language. Wish you luck and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

Oh I am really considering getting one of these to play around with :slight_smile:


It’s a little pricy for what it is capable of, but it’s also very well designed and built. I think it’s worth it.


@MilezOnWheelz I took assembly earlier this year and I loved it. I found it interesting to see just how much effort it takes to do even the simplest things. Any other languages your college is going to have you learn?


I might get into some of the networking/web based languages next semester as electives. I’ll have to see what’s available then. Assembly isn’t so bad if you have a good professor. There are about 6 of us in this class working together to study and teach ourselves because this old guy just doesn’t care anymore. He just reads slides and vaguely answers questions. So it’s tougher than I think it should be, but we are making due. I have an A in the class so far, we will see what happens though.


Yea, the prof really can make the difference between getting an A or not. Luckily the prof I had for assembly was the best I’ve ever had. He was very involved. Sucks when they don’t care or are lazy became usually your grade suffers. Good luck man.