Are professions still good to have?

So since I’ve been away for a long time and just recently getting back into WoW, it appears that with the Implementation of Garrisons that you can still craft stuff even without the professions.

So my question is this: are professions still useful to have and spend the time leveling? Or is the only perk having access to profession specific mounts and such?

Also, what professions do you have? I’m having a hard time picking as a mage.

Can you craft without having the profession?
I was under the impression that certain buildings in the Garrison gave you bonuses to certain professions, as well as certain followers, but that you still had to actually have that profession.

Crafting? In World of Warcraft?


Crafting has changed. You can craft lots without leveling the profession by having the proper building in your garrison. I went with eng prof and building with a storehouse for more work orders and a lumber mill for resources.

I started with the jewelcrafting building, but I’m trying to figure out whether I wanna go with Engineering, Alchemy, or Inscription. Tailoring would be cool too for the flying carpet haha

you DO NOT have access to the highest end crafted gear if you build a profession building without having that profession. you only get access to about 75% of what a person who has the crafting skill can make. very handy yes…but they really do not replace having the profession if you are looking to make high end gear.

So in your opinion what would be the most lucrative useful Profession? I was thinking Alchemy/Herba for the pots and such. Then again, JC/Mining could also be useful.

Is Inscription still a useful profession?

jc/mining most likely.

I’m trying to find the worth in inscription but I really can’t find any. since once you unlock any of the stuff with inscription it permanently unlocked you don’t have to go out and buy another one it makes it a really close ended profession. some of the weapons are decent but its just all caster stuff so if you’re melee using inscription it’s completely pointless.

I think I’m going to replace inscription with something more useful but for right now I just might rely more on alternates. for now in terms of plugs I have inscription and alchemy and I think I’m going to replace the inscription one with jewel crafting.

PS voice typing is pretty easy.