Are Strikes really this hard?

Or was I being trolled? Because I just died ~20 times during the Earth strike and still didn’t finish it.

The first major fight wasn’t too bad, died 3-4 times because everyone was doing their own thing and not helping each other. The problem was the 2nd fight with the big walker. This time there was too much love, everyone clumped together and kept getting blasted. Even when I tried to circle around the thing to draw fire and turn its back to the other 2 guys, they eventually followed me.

Then I realized that one guy really wasn’t shooting the thing at all. He was riding around on his sparrow reviving us. I got a little frustrated. He left the map.



Dear Lord. Are you playing byyourself? Are you on normal? What level are you?

Yes by myself. Yes on normal. Level 8.

Just checked my Bungie stats. I have 23 deaths listed on Strikes. A couple of those would have been from trying it last night.

I don’t remember what level that strike is. But, you need a team.

The strike is pretty easy if you learn where to position yourself. I usually go on the far right in a little recession near a building. You can walk up the hill and shoot at the legs from a pretty safe position. Just back down the hill when it turns its attention to you to avoid taking too much splash damage.

The Earth strike is level 8. I assumed that it would be doable with any 3 schmucks but I guess not.

I guess my gear is decent. My armor might be a little low but I haven’t seen a vendor for armor, only guns.

I stood in the area you are talking about but died 3-4 times there. I didn’t spend much time watching the other 2 members (except to see guy cruising on his sparrow) but I wonder if they were killing the Fallen walking around. I was getting shot in the back a lot.

The strikes are quite hard if you dont have a team working together especially when your lower level. You might want to try it at a slightly higher level or with some clan members.

Yeah, strikes can be pretty miserable depending on your teammates. Just wait till the moon strike… I wanted to die trying to complete it and I kept having team members just up and leave. For the earth strike, I used a pulse rifle/sniper/rockets from waaay in the back left corner on top of some buildings. Gave me a clear shot of legs and the fallen never bothered me once. Granted u have to go venture out when u run out of ammo. But that’s where I usually sit

They could have also been farming, there is a farming technique for a Venus strike that requires people to kill themselves to reset the spawns. Not sure how applicable it is to any other strikes though.

In my opinion, strikes are a bit challenging, but easily defeat-able. The single most important thing in the boss fights on strikes is awareness of your team mates, specifically whether they’re alive or not.

In nearly every dark zone, regardless of strike, it’s pretty easy to fall back and wait out the respawn timers if both your teammates are down in hostile territory. The timer is only 30 seconds, so unless they both went down at the same time, you don’t have to wait overly long for the 1st one to pop back up.

Additionally, take a few moments to watch the bosses. They only have a handful of moves available to them, so it’s pretty easy to find the pattern and identify the dangerous attacks.

Lastly, take the time to clean up adds when they spawn then reengage the boss. 4/5 times, it’s adds that put me down in strikes, not the boss. He’ll still be there when you finish off a wave of trash and you’ll get your ammo back from them to continue the fight.

TL;DR: Patience wins strikes. Period.


Another attempt - another fail. Couldn’t even clear the first holdout.

“It’s not you; it’s me.”

Maybe it’s time to try warlock. Titan is giving me a rough ride.

You might just try leveling up a bit and trying again when you are level 9 or 10… Strikes ain’t easy, but with some extra levels I bet they would be manageable.

Sadly I did level to 9 during that last fight!

Its definately not your fault dude just blame your squad thats what I do.

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This. @Auth and I were able to conquer the Earth strike with pretty much the two of us. We had a PUG in the beginning, but he left early on. I was only a level 5 or so.

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The earth wasn’t so bad, alot of people tried it in the beta I guess but the moon strike…havent finished it yet. Getting overwhelmed by trash on last boss:/

I did the Earth strike at level 11 with a couple randoms. It was considerably harder than the beta; I died five times, I believe. With a decent team it would probably go smoother. One of the guys lagged behind for a while until we were about 30 minutes in. Then we all died on the Walker once or twice, and having that thing’s health reset is a nightmare. So tedious blasting away at it.

I haven’t done the Moon or Venus strikes yet, was hoping to have some sort of coordination before attempting them after dealing with the madness on Earth.

Finally completed the Strike last night. My group finished in 23 minutes, so not too bad.

Then my boy went on a shopping spree today and spent all my money. Not sure I’m a fan of shared cash in this game. Guess he’s getting cut off.

Now I’m level 10 with 150 Glimmer.

Look at the bright side, your kid is a fully decked out level 4!

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Which ever Strike team uses voice chat will have a better time at overcoming whatever the enemies throws at you…