Are there any PS4 Smite players?



Hi are there any players of this game here? it’s what I’ve been playing pretty much all summer. it’s a 3rd person MOBA


I believe @teh_ninjaneer and @dontcallmejames play SMITE a bit. I think I remember others talking about it in our discord.


I have played a fair bit in the past but I don’t even think I have it installed right now. My moba of choice right now would be Heroes of the Storm but WoW has really taken over my gaming lately.


I did copy my SMITE account to the PS4 but I have only played a few matches. Actually I haven’t even played since the transfer was complete all my games were prior to that.


Hey wait a minute. @aicxe, you were our 1,337th member! I had forgotten about you. Welcome back.


yep I saw the casual ps4 destiny post on Facebook and when I signed in I saw an anniversary badge in my notifications. so yay