Are there any Sports Gamers out there?

I am a big sports fan and play alot of sports games and was wondering if there are any others who play…currently i am playing Madden 15…MLB the show…NBA2k15 comes out next tuesday and i have already pre-ordered that. I also like racing games…Trials Fusion…need for speed rivals…hopefully they will release motogp15 here in the states. So if your out there what do you play??

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I loved Need for Speed Rivals, it was so good I actually got the Platinum Trophy for it. I tried Trials Fusion but it never stuck with me, I guess I have poor balance. I plan on spending some time with the free version of Drive Club this month if anyone else wants to give it a shot. The Show is also a superb baseball sim but I just do not have the time for it anymore…

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I used to play the shit out of the NBA2k games.

I’m big into hockey, so NHL15 for me. Not much into the other sports games though.

I used to play NCAA football games, but it’s been a bit for me.

FIFA or Pro evolution. Loved grand turismo and need for speed back in the day.