Are there no Black Ops 3 topics on this board?



As if I haven’t started enough new threads today…

Black Ops 3 launches tonight! Lots of Fallout 4 and Battlefront hype around here but I see no interest in the latest Call of Duty. After doing some research it looks like Treyarch is actually putting some effort into this game.

  • Story mode can be played as 4-player co-op!
  • Zombie mode has it’s own XP system! And an actual story!
  • Multiplayer has parkour! Jumping, sliding, and wall running all while shooting your gun!

I’ll be playing on PS4 tomorrow and over the weekend. Will anyone else be playing this game?


yes there is 1 at

here :wink:


That’s about the only thing that interests me in BLOPS3.


No interest in zombies at all?


COD kills it for me with the year after year release…but to be fair I do buy it about every other year.


Not really. There are better zombie games that focus on zombie killing.


I for one have a great interest in zombies within call of duty. I grew up with it and love to see it progress and become more complex every few years. I do see why people don’t like yearly releases tho but to fair the newest one which comes out tomorrow has been developed on a 3 year dev cycle as opposed to 1 year so it should be great. I’ll actually be doing a 24 hour stream on the zombies aspect of the game if you wanna check it out at around midnight CST today. Have fun playing!


This is a good comment. Now that there are technically three different studios developing the CoD series you have the option to pick your favorite (Treyarch if you prefer zombies) and just buy their games every 3 years.


which do you prefer. i enjoy treyarch because of zombies and multiplayer is usually really good imo


I wish Modern Warfare 2 had never went away. Loved that riot shield. But that was before the splitting of the companies.


oh yeah no doubt about that. Such a classic fun game


Zombies are ALL I’m interested in. I don’t have the quick twitch reflexes needed in CoD to multiplay (I just made up a word).