Are you a plebeian, or do you strive to be something more? (Vanu Sovereignty)

##Vanu Sovereignty
You can choose to fight as a self-righteous crusader, a narcissistic, wannabe tough guy, or you can choose to rise to a whole new plane.

##What are we fighting for?
As members of Strats, we’re constantly out to set the bar in terms of attitude and performance. The Vanu’s quest for enlightenment is not far removed from our own: an attempt to stand apart from the typical dribble found in gaming. The Sovereignty seeks to improve on technology, improve even on the human body. The forward-thinking of the Vanu brought about declarations of war from both the Terran Republic and New Conglomerate. I, for one, do not consider the stymieing of progress to be in line with “freedom” or being a “savior of humanity.” My eyes are open; they fear progress, they fear change, they fear us (and well they should).

##What tools do they fear?
Technology equals might. The Vanu have made advancements the other factions can only dream of. Our weapons rely on quickly energizing a splash of plasma-like ammunition that destroys the very bonding attributes of the elements that make up the armor and the flesh of enemy combatants; the accuracy this lack of traditional concussion rounds provides us is unmatched. Our vehicles utilize mag-lev technology that allows us to navigate all manner of terrain (including water) without a second thought and strafe left or right as necessary to track a target or avoid incoming damage without compromising our shots.

##Teal symbolizes enlightenment
Consider your choice in the coming war carefully; it is no coincidence that both the Sovereignty’s and Strats’ color are teal. We were made to be so much more; don’t sell yourself short.

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Don’t want to wear purple tights and shoot laser beams? Vote the TR!


Yup, that dude up there totally has purple tights on. I’m surprised you, of all people, are against sporting the colors of the community. Though it does make sense that you want to go play soldier with TR. We will enjoy evolving into something more than we are (a concept I wouldn’t expect an AI to understand ;)).

Yeah that’s because you posted a photo of the Max. Everything else Vanu wears tights.

All I hear is the voice of a scared member of the self-proclaimed universe police trying to feel better about the life-long contract he signed with The Man. You’ll notice the further elevation of the Sovereignty by our ability to remain cordial despite the ramblings of an obviously-unaware simpleton; you’ll not catch me running amok in your faction’s thread as we here at Strats want to be different than the general gaming populace. At least, that’s what I thought; your actions this day make me wonder what other hypocritical nonsense the Terran Republic spews.

Lightweave Nano-fiber cloaking suits and Nanofullerite Lightweight Armor, now “tights” (apparently).

@Vocino just doesn’t understand that sometimes grown men wear stretchy pants…

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Vanu is with you. Do not falter. The technocracy shall prevail over the mundane.

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I’d like to commend the TR for their excellence in shot-catching from one of our operatives:


I see more purple than teal :u


That’s to be expected, bright teal would be rather ineffective for discrete operations; better it’s used for accents than as a base color. Every faction has two colors; the Vanu Sovereignty use purple and teal.

This just in: @Vocino has stated during the leadership meeting that he will play Vanu if it’s voted for by the community; let’s make this happen people :wink: