Are you playing Let it Die?



Hey everyone Freshie44 here seeing if anyone has been playing Let it Die on PS4 and seeing how far you’ve progressed up the tower as I’ve been putting quite some time into the game. But if you haven’t heard of Let it Die I highly recommend it as it a free game on PS4 and was created by Suda51 so its nice and over the top. It also has gameplay similar to Dark Souls in which combat rely on you whiff punishing and using different weapons and character builds to either make progress up the tower or collect material to improve the weapons and armors you can buy once you get the blueprints for the specific item. Also if there is enough interest I can create a thread with tips and tricks to help new players and suggestions on how you should tackle the game. Either way hope you come and Let it Die.

Let it Die Tips Volume 1

I’ve heard great things about the game but I haven’t tried it yet.


Highly recommend it, can be pretty difficult but definitely a lot of fun.


I vaguely remember hearing about this game last year. Haven’t looked at it until I read this thread.

The game is free?


Absolutely free, you can pay for more of the in game currency called death metals which you can use as continues or for expanding your base’s storage container. But you start with some already and can get more through missions so if you manage it well you should never need to buy any. It more or less there as a safety net for those who don’t want to grind the game or want to make the game easier.


watched some gameplay, can definitely see the DS influence in combat, thanks for the suggestion