ARK...epic fail on a private server



found this on redit, thought it was funny

Last night our small little tribe was on top of the world. Our two Quetzal eggs hatched and each one gave us twins. Suddenly, we had the most powerful airforce on the island.
The hand feeding began in ernest and everthing was going well until there was a loud sound like a thunderclap. The server lag spiked to a slideshow as our recently finished barn began to collapse around us.
Then we realized it wasn’t just our barn but every building in our base was destroyed.
And it wasn’t just our base, but according to the panic on the joint teamspeak for the island, it was EVERY BASE. Every Structure on the island was GONE.
The only thing that seemed to survive in our base were three vaults.
During the quiet moment as the shock began to set in, the server admin admitted to making a mistake.
He was dismantling a large maze structure he built for a Halloween event and used what turned out to be a buggy admin command that destroyed all the foundations in the world.


oh no xD


Omg that is insane.


So cruel Z. taking pleasure in the horrible misforture of others. bad Z bad :cry: (just kidding)


Watch out for an impending crack!


Unsure what this means ??


He was saying you might retaliate for being called:

by using the buggy server command on our server. Since in the initial post they said they heard a loud crack as all the structures came down :stuck_out_tongue:


ahhh ty, was reading it at 4am after watching stream for many many hours

As much as we need a second admin for our server sadly that aint me so you guys have nothing to worry about

Thinking along those lines I wonder if we can contact the admin on @Resademilo’s server :smiling_imp:


I thought FOR SURE it was going to be a Fallout themed server event at this point.