ARK patch notes v223 PENGUIN Patch! +224 notes




Current Version: v223.0
Unversioned Hotfix: Disabled LODBias console command for Skeletal Meshes. Is not supported and causes rendering problems.

  • New Creatures: Kairuku & Angler Fish!
  • New Structures, Catapult, Minigun Turret
  • Creature “Fur” pass
  • Tiered Server Admin, Wildcard Admin, & Tribe Admin Nametag Icons
  • PvE “Tribe Warfare” option (capability for Tribes to officially declare war on each other for mutually-agreed-upon period of time). This is enabled by default. To disable it, add:


“Yes, they appear as juveniles and babies and adults in the wild! Other creatures will soon follow! Tenderize them up with clubs to yield more Polymer-substitute… baby penguins give the most Polymer!
… you can also put helmets on them, because… Penguins :-P” - Drake


He is advocating murdering babies? D: wut.


-Patch Notes- Current (v223.2) & Upcoming (v224)
Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v223.2

Upcoming Version: v224
Custom RP-oriented Recipe/Cooking System (including Skill-Based results) – Finally!
New Creature: Oviraptor
New Structures: Rocket Turret, Sea Mine, Wall Lamps
New ‘Weapon’: Magnifying Glass
Server Admin Logs (including RCON support) and Tribe Admin Logs
Massively improved game loading times by using “seek free” packages
Current Version: v223.2
Organic Polymer now spoils after 30 minutes, can only be stacked to 10, and clamped “overdamage” on the harvesting of Organic Polymer. It now also kills humans if they eat it, a primitive form of cyanide pill (don’t worry, an actual concealed pill item will be forthcoming :wink:


This is one for @Dynamible


It helps make babies!