[ARK]Possibly the end?


Here’s the link: http://kotaku.com/game-studios-enter-legal-battle-over-the-making-of-ark-1766689744

Tl;Dr: The old lead that worked for Trendy Entertainment(Jeremy Stieglitz) apparently signed a non-compete agreement and then left. His wife is on the business(Wildcard) as her “maiden name”(Susan Browning), while she has her real name on another business(Susan Stieglitz). Apparently trying to mask being involved. Apparently Trendy is now suing Wildcard Studios because they know that Stieglitz(dude mentioned above) is involved.

Apparently Trendy is moving for a motion that ARK be pulled from steam and shut down while all this happens. Thoughts? I think that Trendy is just butt hurt that they aren’t doing anything good, and they’re just jealous. But it still could be the downfall if it goes south.

Sorry for posting here if it’s in the wrong spot, but I figured it’s gaming related :stuck_out_tongue:


This would be a sad thing, but I guess we will have to see how it plays out


that’s why we can’t have nice things…


This is complete B.S… The whole argument rest on the facts that Ark has stole their “Trendie” idea. It makes no sense. The work that Ark had put in is unparalleled to so many other games. They update and add major things once a month. Everything about the game is gorgeous. They just want to shut Ark down to get PR.


It’s about money, the lead dev for Trendy quit and made a better game. Who gives a shit about “non-compete” crap? They want their cut since ARK is doing way better than Dungeon Defenders.


And apparently, it’s now gone to social media.