ARK: Scorched Earth Server



Hey guys! I finally broke down and got the expansion since my obsession with dragons is far too powerful. I got tired of dealing with servers where people have claimed most areas by building posts along the beach, leaving no room for newcomers, and got a server. Feel free to come join me! Just ask me for the password. :smiley:


Never got the DLC and missed all the new things :frowning:
Sadly most active server requieres the DLC.
But i played the crap outa this game!


Did you rent this server or make one by yourself? It’s super easy to make one if you have a second computer lying around, that’s what I have done


Looks like she rented one.


I don’t know if I can do Ark again.



I rented one. I do not have an extra computer lying around unfortunately.


Sorry it took so long for me to reply to this thread. Life is trying to beat me down right now. ;(




I switch my server to the Island, you can now play there without DLC. I might even be able to keep it up. Things are looking better now.


I wish I had Ark in the first place, but if I had the time and money, I would definitely join. Compared to other games out there, how hard is it to know the concepts of Ark?


I wouldn’t say it’s too difficult. It’s a pain to get started on your own though, simply because a lot of predators seem to run in packs or are much stronger than you.


Haha. I kind of thought so too. If I were to initially start Ark, I would have had my head chomped by a dinosaur.


My first death was to a trike… don’t accidentally hit them while chopping wood lol


The title says ARK but you really meant Conan, right? :poop:


When Conan starts letting me tame shit, we’ll talk lol


You’re in luck; it’s coming! Scroll down about two-thirds to the Coming to Conan Exiles This Year section.




God, this seems so exotic. Sounds even more dangerous than Skyrim without mods.


I’ll be streaming it in about an hour if you want to take a look. I have a nice little base started too