Ark: Screenshots



My flying fortress with a little guest along for the ride :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We’re off corpse hunting and watching for the Giga that destroyed me.


lol havent you kids learned not to mess with the gigantisaurs? xD


Lol. He jumped me in the swamp when I went to grab a beacon. I saw a Sarco nearby but the lvl 12 Giga just pounced on me as I landed and chewed me up in 2 bites in full ascended gear :scream:


That’s the bastard that nearly got me and the 112 Rex tame I was working on the other night. Luckily he didn’t, though, because he’s a punk bitch (I told him so). In retrospect, he might still be pissed about that; sorry if you caught the fallout from my actions :wink:


alright, we need a quetzalquatl (sp?),1000 tranguilizers, a box of nutter butters, and a 6 pack of diet coke. When are we taking this thing down?


Actually, I think we’re going to implement Plan G, which calls for 2-3 Gallimimus with 2 players on each to kite/tranq it :wink:


I wish there was some way to air-drop a cage :frowning: of course, depending on how far they will follow you, we could probably kite it to a cage


Doesn’t @dynamible die in plan g?

I spelled his name how mumble pronounces it.


I hope that is a “Leverage” reference


It absolutely is.

I like plan g.


Omg what dinosaur is that??

I need to Ark again omg.


Yes you need to play ark again.


I’m down! :smiley:


My quetzal carrying a dragon :smiley:
And yes, come join! It seems you and I have alternating waves of play time vs hunker down to work time lol. I’ve got about a week left before I hole up for school and internship apps for 2 months :frowning:


Is that why you’ve been on 24/7 lately?


Yea lol. I got burn while I can :wink: