ARK Server downtine update



Opened a ticket with support and just received this update news

The reason you are seeing “Unknown” status in your game server panel is due to maintenance on the server that your game server is located on. We are currently working to resolve this issue and your game server should be online shortly.


How about they resolve it in a timely manner (a few hours, perhaps), not over a day later; that’s pretty shitty server hosting, IMO :wink:


They must have screwed something up. Maintenance doesn’t take this long.


Sadness. The question is, are all the babies dead or does it pause the game?


Good question. RIP babies.


I don’t think these guys know what “shortly” means.


my guess would be server is offline so time is frozen
but could also easily be we cant connect and server is running


Please no running…

Is it back?




Ark is back up. I changed the server location so the IP is different. You will need to search unofficial “” in game or visit and search it there and join game that way.