Ark The Week Of Updates


New Content Ahead!

This week in Ark: Survival Evolved they are aggressive pushing out updates. Each day they will be not only fixing a stabilizing the game, but adding in game changing features.

Monday’s Addition

  • New Structures: Powered Elevator Structures
    Great for moving around dinos and getting rid of the pesky ladders
  • New Structure: Controllable Primitive Harpoon Ballista
    Specifically built for besieging stone walled basses
  • New Item: Plesiosaurus Platform Saddle!

Tuesday Addition

  • New resources for Modders to add to the game

Wednesday Addition

Thursday Addition

  • Launch of Survival of the Fittest (long awaited)


ARK: New patch has been released

So. I like the winter biomes. Can we do a survival of the fittest server war? :smiley:


Start your downloads and get you Direwolves


What’s in it? Why should we take heed? How can we prepare? (improve the discussion)




Specifically. They had some delays on the new biomes for Friday. With that patch comes some huge content, including three new creatures, new weather patterns, and new items. The biggest thing people are stoked about is the direwolf. It finally released, so everyone is hype.