ARK upcoming patch v224



Upcoming Version: v224
Custom RP-oriented Recipe/Cooking System (including Skill-Based results) – finally, you can now create your own unique recipes for S### Burgers)!
New Creature: Oviraptor! Gotta get those eggs :slight_smile:
New Creature: Compsognathus! Time to form your own Compy gang :slight_smile:
New Structures: Rocket Turret, Sea Mine, Wall Lamps!
New ‘Weapon’: Magnifying Glass!
Server Admin Logs (including RCON support) and Tribe Admin Logs (which can also act as effective “offline event” logs even for solo players!!!)
+3 Max Survivor Level, +3 Max Dino Level
Raised Official Server Max Structure & Max Tamed Dino Limits by 20%
Owned or Claimable Rafts can now be “Demolished”, and destroyed Rafts now sink to the ocean floor
bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos Server Game option to allow spike walls to damage wild/riderless Dinos
Massively improved game loading & streaming times (reducing hitches) by using “seek free” packages


let me know if you guys prefer the way I linked the dossier up there too please and I will try to do that each time


Yes please!


I like the pictures! <3


Nice, I’ve been waiting for Compys


poor @Dynamible he missing all the fun, @Biff_Tannen and I tamed up a pack of 15 or so compys

Hope he wasnt eaten by a group of em :wink:


My army, got a 116 after you left @Zniri


holy cow! nice!