Arma 3 life mod


Hi all,

Does anyone have Arma 3 and if so would you be interested in playing the role playing life mod.

If you’re not familiar everything in the game has to be roleplayed. Like if you’re getting robbed you either reply or attempt to shoot them but you must always reply before just shooting. The game can get a little hectic at times because you do have people who don’t abide by these rules and shoot all the time but I used to play this a lot and it was fun.

Wondering if anyone else has and they would want to again.


i’ve played a3l before…just didnt’ really get into it


Is there a RP server that you use? What do you guys do to increase the odds that the people that you are playing with will abide by the rules?


There are servers that you have to pay for like Arma 3 Life is a good one. Their community is very strict as far as the free open servers I just play wherever and hope to have a good time.