Arms were just not long enough anymore


I’m to young for bifocals… But I did not realize how much I could not see.


I was kind of hoping for some hipster glasses.


I was hoping for some contact lens or lasik… The lasik doc wanted to make one eye work for close-up and make the other work for distance. I excused myself to use the restroom and climbed out the window. And did you know they don’t make bifocal contacts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ve gone to great lengths to come up with excuses for multiplayer defeats but this takes the cake.


Just think how intelligent people will think you are will glasses.


That Vocino cosplay is terrible


I thought about getting LASIK but at this point people wouldn’t recognize me without glasses.

Plus I’m terrified of something going wrong.


I’m with you brother! How would you kick out the awesome UX that is Strats without your eyes?

@Nubhugs I was waiting for the “looks like” @Vocino jokes. I think I just made $50 bucks because you cracked the first one. :smile:


People don’t recognize you because of your glasses, they recognize you because of the giant cartoon dollar signs in your eyes from selling out.

Glad I could help you make an EASY buck