ASUS ROG 20th Anniversary Golden Edition GTX980


Damnit, I just bought 2 GTX980s!


Do sli cards need to be the same variants? Could this hook to my ASUS strix?


It’s been a while since i looked into SLI, however I think you could technically SLI with multiple variants, however you’re just shooting yourself in the foot as the more powerful card will only push itself as hard as the weaker card can go.

As an example if you had a GTX 960 and SLI’d this GTX980 with it, the 980 would only be as powerful as your 960 as it’d clock itself down to match the 960 speed.

Again, I could be off base with this, but I think that the ultimate answer is technically yes you could, however you wouldn’t want to.


That thing is sexy.



I always thought the cards had to be similar. You can’t even pair a GT with a GTX, for example. The numbers have to be the same but it’s ok if one is overclocked.

You could install a 2nd card as a dedicated PhysX processor, but that’s not really necessary beyond the 200 or 400 series probably.


Yah talking about my 980 strix and this 980. Same card, so SLI should function?


holy wow that’s beautiful.

even a gold back plate, SO nice!

black heatsink as well.

well done to asus.


You could be entirely right. I’ve never done SLI and back when I was interested in it, the 2xx series cards were still popular, so thats the last I’ve actually dug into it. Was just going off memory, which can be entirely wrong.