Atheon Down

Just wanted to say great job to the guys who participated in tonight’s downing of the last boss in VoG. Took about 4 hours of attempts but we got it!

Enjoy your new gear, and your awesome shader. Great job guys!


@Brutonium First of all way to go! Any tips for Atheon? We tried for about 2 hours tonight and it was difficult to find a rhythm.

Congrats @Brutonium and the fireteam!

Congrats guys!

@SkullKontrol Well in our case i got a bit drunk, decided to team up with Brut for crucible, it did not go well - I could not hit anything, so we deccided that finishing the raid is a good idea ; ] 2h is not enough You need a team of people that can repeat this activity till they memorize most of it (oracle placement, harpy spawn points) and 3 hours at least. Patience is the key :smile:

Our whole group just seemed to not be feeling it last night. I think that was the primary issue.

Main things that I saw that helped:

The best way to kill the oracles is with fusion rifles. 1 rifle blast from each teleported person who isn’t wearing the shield will kill each oracle.

The shield barrier can be held up infinitely when you have the time’s vengeance buff. It blocks all incoming damage and lets you shoot through it.

Don’t die, kill things!

Good luck this week, I’m sure y’all will get it.


Thanks for the advice, that was one of our problems when we went thru, the oracles, and the pretorians. Going for round 2 tonight, so far so good, made it to the Vault, in about an hour.