Attempting a 12 hr stream this Friday


So let me explain why I’m posting, and then I’ll give the details on the stream.

I would like advice from people who have streamed for long periods of time (3+ hrs in a row) on the best ways to keep momentum going, eat while not leaving for too long, etc.

I would like thoughts on silly things we can do to provide entertainment and perhaps entice people to donate. (Yes, this is partially a stream to help us out.)

Of the games listed below, which ones would you be most likely to watch?
The stream is planned from 6pm Friday the 13th (CST) to 6am Sat the 14th (CST). What times of the day are you most likely to watch a twitch?

Any other thoughts or advice. THANKS!

Stream will be at
Patreon (for our channel, for our podcast, for our youtube, for us) (THOUGHTS on prettying this up or any other advice also welcome)

POSSIBLE GAMES: (PS4) Jackbox Party pack, Contrast, FarCry 4, Resogun, Diablo 3: UEE etc
(PC) Wolfenstein: TNO (on Uber), Myst (#?), TIE Fighter: Special Edition, Psychonauts, Sonic Heroes, etc


Multiple 6+ hour streams and a 24-hr stream to my name; some thoughts to consider…

##Food and Drinks
Jerky, trail mix, nuts, etc. are quick eats that help you feel full and keep you from having to get up to find them; eat a good meal before you start and plan to snack throughout if you want to stay on camera as much as possible. Also, coordinate to have someone make you a sandwich or the like if possible. Don’t touch caffeine for the first 6-8 hours; stick to water, juice, or sports drinks. It’s better to save that kick for when you need it to keep your energy up than wasting its effects when you’re just getting started.

They’re going to happen. The day before and the day of don’t eat anything overly heavy (ex: tons of red meat) or spicy and drop the kids at the pool before you start.

You might consider starting this stream earlier if possible if you want to rock a 12-hour run for a couple reasons:

  1. Tons of people stream on the weekend; you’re going to have a lot of competition Friday night. Starting earlier might help you snag viewers before they head off to streams they regularly attend

  2. Nobody in your relative timezone is going to be watching streams at 6am on a Saturday morning. This is important because you’re not a Twitch partner and, as such, they aren’t rebroadcasting your stream to their other servers. This means people have to connect to whatever server you’re streaming to. If you’re streaming to Dallas, for example, by the 6am hour the most likely visitors to your stream would be the English, who are going to have a tough time getting a good feed of you.

##Game Transitions
Know what order you’re going to move through your games in advance and know how you’re going to do it. If you’re not changing systems at any point, this isn’t a big issue, but if you are it becomes crucial to not create excessive downtime whenever possible. Having to stop your stream, even for a couple minutes to change systems from PS4 to PC, for example, will cost you viewers very nearly every time.

##Longer isn’t always better
This is the most important thing to remember about streaming: long streams are not nearly as important as consistent and quality streams. That is to say, if you are worried about being entertaining and able to stream for 12 hours straight, there’s a chance you might not be ready. If you’ve never streamed for 4-6 hours straight, I’d wager you’re not going to be prepared for 12. It’s much different than playing games for 12 hours; it’s about entertaining and engaging with the people that stop by through banter and gameplay. You will build a better, more loyal following if you stream regularly (daily, if possible, and on a predefined schedule) than doing one marathon stream every now and again.


Appreciated, some good info here, especially the food stuff.

We do stream semi-regularly (I do about 2 hrs a week, and he does about 6) this is just our big hoorah or something for now. As for the timing of the 12 hrs itself…I can see the problems but it’s the only time we can do something like this.

There’s lots of competition but we basically don’t get very many viewers still anyway, despite increasing our followers steadily.

Thanks again though.


Seeing as how you are slotted to play on Friday the 13th, don’t pass up something like playing thru scary series. Five nights at Freddys, Amnesia…something along those lines.

Talk to yourself, a lot, nothing worse then watching some half-slouched douchebag mumble every few seconds.

Laugh or make a personality around your mistakes, even on the 30th death to the same boss in less than 3 minutes.

Have chat accessible by yourself so you can read and interact with viewers.

Stay away from alcohol unless you know exactly what your tolerance is and what happens when you drink at early morning.

Couple things to think of, you are going to miss a ton of people. Depending on the age of your game, for example lets say you start playing thru grim fandango, the release year of the game puts the players OF that game in their mid to late 20’s they will likely not be watching your stream due to it being Friday night and the start of the weekend.

being that all said, my rant is below.

The issue with jumping in now is that the streaming scene used to be a small pond and now with LoL and e-sports taking huge leaps in popularity you have a ton more streamers.

Still a decent market out there for followers but you basically have to target a market type and make a regular broadcast.

Maybe @Schizzio or @Schizo or @AiKiller will weigh in.

a 12 hour stream on a weekend is kinda like this:

Ultimately you wanna ask yourself why you want to stream, do you just want to play games and interact with people as they watch? because that is a great way to love what you do and not get lost in the metrics. If you make streaming about money first you may just get lost in the bullshit.


Thanks for your thoughts.
You’re right, i really should finish Outlast or something for Friday the 13th…

We’re definitely focused on just having fun and enjoying streaming itself. This is our only stream in the first 6 months+ where we’re seeing if people want to help us recoup a few expenses. (Our expectations are reasonably low.)

As for keeping up convo, that’s the benefit of having a partner. It’s what I believe makes the best LPs is having two people interact behind a game. So it’ll basically be two friends who think they’re funny hosting. :wink:


I didn’t see this, and I almost made another post about it, but I’m glad you were asking the questions you are and are talking about your stream.

To everyone who is NOT @famousquest, I highly recommend you stop by. He and his comrade JakeoJack are fun guys to be around when they are streaming, and the 12 hour stream looks to be a lot of fun. Even if you have plans at all this weekend, I definitely recommend popping in and saying hello. I’m going to do my best to be there as well.

I’ve only done one 12 hour in my life (and another being a six hour stream with Famous himself), and the only tips I have are crowd participation. This holds true for most streams, but people stick around when they feel involved in something. Finding ways to get them involved in those games is a great way to keep as much retention as possible. Maybe hold a vote to say you can only use x gun in game a. Or maybe you can only make left turns in a racing game and have to ride the walls for right turns. Similar to what we did for our Breast Cancer Awareness stream, having as much involvement as possible is the best thing.

When Beavis and I did our 12 hour stream, we involved streamers to actually jump in the games with multiplayer, such as Space Engineers and such.

Good luck sir. I’ll be rooting for you.


Forgot to finish the topic off with an update on how it went.

Anyway, we both made it through the 12 hours. The first 9 were no sweat, the last 3 were pretty brutal haha.

We had viewers between 4 and 24, with the average being closer to 8.

We blew past our first two Patreon goals.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread and answered questions, thanks to all who dropped by, and we look forward to doing another! (Tentatively in April)

12 Hr Stream #2: Let's Get A Car

Awesome, @famousquest! Thanks for the update.

Speaking of Patreon, how are you liking it so far? Someone suggested it to me in chat once + I’ve been curious about it ever since. A lot of musician/producer friends of mine have active accounts there. How has your experience been using their site?

And I’m glad your 12 hour stream was successful! :smile:


It’s nice and accessible to set up. I prefer it to Kickstarter and the like due to slightly more friendly set-up, lower fees, and general maintenance.
IDK what the exact fees are but for my first month where we actually saw money, 92% went towards my paypal, which is pretty good for two service’s worth of fees. I can update if this changes in a week, as we’ll be seeing quite a bit more from February than January.