ATTENTION PVPers! Please read!



You want to make money? Can’t afford new gear? Wish people could make that next tier of gear you made it to?

Pick up a gathering profession please!!!

Listen, If you are already gathering you are on the right track. If you are using it to make money, that’s ok (to let you know, refined hides will make your more money) ! But for the love of hell if you have a stack of 100 4.2 hides donate half of those to our refiners who are so far behind compared to other top tier guilds.

Do you wonder why all your re-gears are so expensive? Your 5.2 can’t be made by that crafter in our guild! Holy smokes, I love pvp and I know you greasers do. But I don’t want to pay 200k per legendary 5.2 weapon that can I know for a fact people in our guild are working towards!

This is a call for 4, 4.2!!!(what we are stuck on), 5+ mats. What we are lacking in the most right now is ore and skins of these values. Donate your mats to a refiner! They will refine them and give them back to you! If they are crafting might as well toss them some too you know ;)! REFINED MATS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE = $$$$$! If you aren’t hurting for money we would appreciate any percentage!

I’m not trying to call anyone out! I have gone out of my way the last half a week to go farm up two tools to try and help relieve the burden! I know you guys are out there farming mats! Please help us get our crafters advanced by advancing our refiners! This will lead to amazing gear that you don’t have to worry about using your money on (or nearly as much if you are like me who dies all the time :smiley:

To even make you PVPers (yes you know I am one too) life’s easier, I did the following:

1. Set up multiple chests in Strats’s Island for resource dumping
This means you don’t even have to worry about taking your mats all the way up to the territory! Pop into Pillage Port take a free fast travel to Strats’s Island and drop it off in one of the Front chests! Need to grab a few pieces of gear too that we have worked hard on the pvp side to earn as back ups? Well bring half or whatever you can honestly afford of 4+ mats! A quick two minutes and you have a few replacement pieces of gear (Back wall chests), and you have saved everyone money in the long run by further advancing our whole crafting train!
2. Talked with our primary refiners who have said they are more than happy with transporting your raw materials up to the territory!
We just got back from a run and @fro tells you to meet at Strats’s for more orders! Bring those mats and drop some off to the chests! @dezmo @2hard @fiddler @auth @rakkagaming @kellock93 or myself will be more than happy to run them up to the territory for refinement! Don’t forget to help escort us when we do! Go camp the crossroads for 5 minutes! You get kills, the crafters get progression via access to refined materials! A guild is a symbiosis guys! Let’s try and work together so we can truly challenge the top guilds in this game!
3.Lastly working on getting farms up and running on the island!
Need food to keep our territories healthy guys!Help me out by just farming them if you are there browsing gear or dropping off mats!

I really enjoy the community of guys(and gals) we have going in this game! I know frustrations arise between both the crafters and the pvper’s because sometimes we outpace in either direction! If you are a crafter and gave materials to one of our refiners? or need refined materials that you have donated! Let me know. I may not have much pull in the guild but I will be honest and open and try and work towards developing a fast-paced well oiled machine in this guild! If we work a little harder together we can forge an epic experience for launch!

P.S. 4.2 ore and hides :smiley:



If you need $$ it’s not an issue, ask in guild if someone of the rank of Master of Coin and above is on, they can take some out. If it’s for crafting, for guild progression, it’s already 100% approved and can be 100% funded. That’s why we have taxes, even as low as they are