Attention Xerox!



Hey, @Xephorax
Guess where you can totally put Nic Cages face!


It’s blank for me, must be blocked on school wifi


well, it’s your characters face. That’s where you can put nic cage.


Oh nice lol


Wait… When did you take the picture of my toon…?


I feel like you have a folder of at least 300 Cage pictures. It’s kind of disturbing……


no, it was some guy on reddit put a picture of his friend on one of the customizable masks. So I thought that would be perfect for you because you could put a picture of the cage.


Oh ya I have one of those masks! I just need a template of the masks dimensions… Probably gonna be like X3.14,X3.14 and evil stuff like that. I hate round templates more than Helen Keller, that is a lot of hate for one template. That’s like my hate for all parallelogram templates and there’s a lot of them. Oh I really love pregnant squares, so easy to solve in geometry and make templates on.