Attunement Progression

I’m trying to get a feel for where everyone is on their attunement progression. While we have nowhere near the number to fill out our dungeon runs, as of late, the ultimate goal of most MMOs is to get to raiding. So with that i’m trying to gauge where everyone is so i can try and help get people through attunement and start recruiting new members and move towards raiding. Please post where your at.

IGN: Gwynyth (Tank) - Dungeons 3/4 (Need swordmaiden)
IGN: Iliana (DPS/Healer) - Dungeons 0/4 (Need all)

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I’m currently 3/4 on dungeons, just need Swordmaiden.

IGN: GraRockinMeBaby - DPS/Tank

Also if I’m on I’m always more or less available to help people with their attunements

Auth (Heals/Deeps when needed) - 3/4 Dungeons, need dat Swordmaiden

LuNiah - tank main - done with dungeons. On world bosses.

IGN: TTL (Healer/DPS) - Dungeons 2/4 (Need Skullcano and SSM). All world bosses killed (and then some).

FYI that I have invite powers in the Stormtalon World Boss Circle if anyone wants to get a jump on that step.