Audience graphing for Strats: Command



This feature allows users to graph their actions (such as Tweets, Posts, Broadcasts, etc) against the response in new follow acquisitions (Twitter followers, Twitch followers, YouTube subscribers, Facebook page likes).

We don’t currently support all of these but this graph design should accommodate future development of new API integrations.

This is currently in development for 0.3.0 (Classy Chun-Lee).


These are the options available for setting up the graph. *denotes not yet available

  • Results:
    • Twitch follows
    • Twitch subscribes*
    • YouTube subscribes*
    • Twitter follows
    • Facebook Page likes*


  • Actions:

    • Twitter tweets
    • Facebook posts
  • Broadcasts (in hours):

    • Twitch streams
    • YouTube streams*
    • HitBox streams*
    • other streaming APIs should live here too


  • Hourly (PRO)
  • Daily

Time frame

Currently we are supporting the following time selections (note that the mockup reflects more but I think these are a better starting place):

  • Today (PRO) — this is only shown in hourly resolution

  • Yesterday (PRO) — this is only shown in hourly resolution

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 30 days


This is honestly an amazing feature + it’s been something I’ve been waiting on for quite some time! (When I say ‘quite some time’ I mean … way back when I was still in the music industry, lol.) It’s so hard to collect your stats in one place and track conversions, too. I can’t wait for this.


I signed up for this, but I am not one of the chosen. :frowning: Cool stuff nonetheless. Keep up the great work!


@simplyundrea that’s great to hear. I think this will be a great feature. We’re also building the charting in a way that we can use the framework for other areas of Command. If you have any specific data you’re looking for, let us know.

@senNish we can enable your account for beta access. All regulars should have it.


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This will be amazing I think, a great thing for streamers, or people just looking to grow social media.


The whole design looks really nice. Top notch :wink:


If the idea behind it. If it indeed helps track your traffic it could actually prove to be quite useful in a number of ways.


I had a question.

My engagement side is stuck. It’s been saying ‘analyzing data’ for a minute. Is there any way to fix it?


cough cough wink wink nudge nudge I’d like to get in on this party. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not currently being tracked. We’re working on a system to allow you to encode links you send out as well as track the built in engagement of tweets and Facebook posts (Likes and Favs, RTs, etc).


TwoPlayerAdventure would also like in on the party! :smiley:


Encoding links, too?! Oh, yay! :heart_eyes:


Encoding links (like with using the bitly API) is the only way we can figure out the engagement of links you send out to other places.