August Content Creator Prize


I wanted to breath a little life back into the Content Creator initiative. You can read about how it all works here.

For those who cannot see the link here is an abridged version:

What is a Content Creator?

You. No, seriously, it’s anyone. In the types of games we play, fun is directly proportional to number of people involved. That means when we have bigger events and people take the initiative to organize those events, everyone benefits and the community is stronger for it.

In order to foster that sentiment, about once per month we’ll be giving out a free thing to a member that shows significant initiative in creating content for our members. This might be an unreleased indie game, early access to a Steam event, an in-game item in a f2p game, etc. It won’t make you rich, but it’s more about the recognition. You also get a snazzy badge to wear on the forum!


Here are some ideas to get noticed as one who creates content for others:

  • Scheduling an event in a game and getting people involved.
    e.g. A PVP event in ESO, a big raid in Wildstar, a group event to check out a new game together while on Mumble.

  • Setting up a mini-game on Mumble that draws in others.
    e.g. Cards Against Humanity, an RPG, some other creative thing I haven’t thought of.

  • Writing an amazing post that helps your fellow strategists.
    e.g. A how-to for streaming, a great loadout guide for Planetside Engineers, an unbelievably thorough raiding guide for ESO, a megathread for a new game that gets everyone excited about playing.

  • Sharing a post (use the “share” link so you get credit) and getting it noticed.

  • …and more!

August’s Prize

Free PC download of Watch Dogs

I recieved this as a bundle when I purchesed my video card. The code expires on 30 August 2014 based on the Terms & Conditions.

Due to the time constraints we will release the code to the winner on or about the 28th of August.

Game Overview

Set in Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything, Watch_Dogs explores the impact of technology within our society. Using the city as your weapon, you will embark on a personal mission to inflict your own brand of justice.

Chicago’s overarching network is known as the Central Operating System (ctOS), and it controls almost all of the city’s technology and information - including key data on all of the city’s residents.

You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. While seeking justice for those events, you’ll monitor and hack those around you by manipulating the ctOS from the palm of your hand. You’ll access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop the enemy… and more.

August Winner!


Wanted to remind everyone about this…


The click “here” link tells me I do not have access to view that. Can you post the details?


Posted details. Thanks for letting me know you could not see the link.


I totally bought cards against humanity to play with my medics. Not sure how we would get it to work on mumble though.


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