Auroria Patch Run Down

Auroria is confirmed for a release promptly at Nov 4.

6 New Areas will be available

  • 4 Will be Capture Point Zones Held By Guilds
  • 2 Zones will be Uncontrolled/Disputed Zones
    (unsure if houses can be built in the 2 neutral zones but expect tax certificate increase)

80% more land for players to expand

New Dungeon meant for 10 player raid/party

Submarine will be available for purchase

“New elite enemies and field bosses will emerge from their lairs to challenge intrepid souls hungry for great rewards.” -Trion
Unsure for whether it means more world bosses will be available on current continent, but new mobs will be on auroria

Farm Carts can be upgrade to Farm Wagons.
(unsure if it can be constructed right away/ without first having the cart)

Siege Items will be avaliable at mirage isle.

Nothing is said about raise level caps at the moment

(Note: BRs will flee to auroria)

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