Auth(_Strats or Aeros), Aeiros, and Ninja_Ducky


So I have a few different handles, but the all center around my original one: Auth Aeros. I’ve used this since ~10th grade (except in Minecraft, which I used to play only with my wife; that one’s Ninja_Ducky. My wife of 6+ years @PreshusKitty and I have a constant banter going about whether pirates or ninjas are better. She’s in the wrong camp. Also, she calls me Ducky, hence the name Ninja_Ducky.) Many of the new faces probably met /u/Auth_Strats :wink:

IRL I go by Kevin. I’m recently out of the Army after almost 12 years and attending college in Houston in hopes of going into software/videogame QA and (eventually, maybe) development. I play just about any game that allows me to play with people, competitively or cooperatively. I don’t do well playing games by myself; I get bored and lonely :’(

Currently I’m anxiously awaiting the attunement changes in WildStar and also playing a fair bit of Destiny. One of my favorite games of all time is Natural Selection (1 and 2, though hardly anyone plays 1 anymore). I fell head-over-heals for Strats when I found the tiny ESO guild that was branching to start playing WildStar back in May and have been doing my damnedest to make sure we’re as awesome as we can be.

Here’s to many great sessions with you lot in the years to come :smiley:


Welcome to Strats! Err wait, I guess uhh, nice to meet you again!



I just figured people might be a bit curious about some of the leadership, so I thought I ought to get a (new) proper intro up :wink:


rushes to buy


I’m actually surprised it’s not taken o.O


There you go raising the bar again. :smile:

Your making it hard for this old man to keep up.


That’s how it goes Top; I gotta keep you on your toes all the way to retirement :wink:


Never make this man angry he has bullets! (no gun yet its apparently on the way)




It has arrived…run people RUN


It was here literally 2 days after that conversation we had :wink:


Game design huh? Hope you are planning on living on one of the coasts. I have a bachelors in game design but there aren’t many game companies in Minnesota.


Which pistol is that? I don’t recognize it, I’m planning on picking up my first pistol soon. I’m looking at a the Steryr M9-A1, just fits my hand real well.


FN FiveseveN Mk. 2


[quote=“Auth, post:14, topic:2352, full:true”]
FN FiveseveN Mk. 2
[/quote] Looking at the webpage, they mention its both light and has low recoil, I’m curious to see how they balance the two. I’m hoping I can get my hands on one to try out.

The pistol looks just awesome.


It is super-light and very manageable to shoot :wink:





I carry a Springfield XDM myself.


One of my profs carries that, going to add it to the list for consideration for my next purchase.