Auth back in the day!


It took us a while but we found you!!!

He shows up at 1:02


@auth at 1~ minute


I have just enough data out here to load a website, but not enough to handle a stream. I’ll revisit this tomorrow when I’m back at my computer tomorrow.


I don’t know what you look like, but it’s gonna blow your mind.


If it’s the actual music video, which is what it looks like, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it that I have no idea what’s happening at those timestamps.


Your in for a treat😃


A little off topic but can we all agree that it’s a kick ass song and music video?


I’ll buy it, though I’d never play an acrylic kit :wink:


You really play the drums?




Do we have a bassist and/or a singer in the house? I think we may need to start a Strats band!


No kidding. I’ve played for 10+ years. I also play guitar and sing. My avatar is actually me on stage with my band I recently broke up with😓


Nicely. I’m a bassoonist by trade and developed my chops to march tenors in high school before picking up set in the service.


Very cool, I already did percussion in school.