Auth’s Tips and Tricks for Ghost Recon: Wildlands



I use my sidearm constantly. I move through the ranges from long, to medium, to close, to melee, as I approach.

Random screenshot from today:


I’ll have to make a greater effort with the sidearm.

Aside from gaming with my buddy, I regret getting console version, aiming is bad :frowning:.

Thanks for this thread @Auth


Does the console version have aim assist?


Believe so; have to check settings. I just recall aiming was soo much smoother on PC. Barely needed the stability aim skill.


It did seem like that skill was designed with console players in mind.


Also, Steady Aim makes a pretty big difference if you’re firing from the standing (and, to some degree, kneeling); if you snipe from the prone it’s pretty negligible for sure.


That’s cool that there’s a difference, for sure @Auth. I’m still digging Wildlands and I’m going to try to finish the whole web of cartel I think.


Looks like there were some updates to the Cartel Overview.

Makes it a bit easier to understand and make a plan of execution (no pun intended).

EDIT: Also you can now select which vechicle you want the rebels to bring to you. No more helicopter only.


So turning off aim assist and acquiring steady aim rank 2 has helped a lot with sniping. I still am finding my horizontal aim movement to be challenging. Just takes me longer to line up my target in the heat of combat.


For those who didn’t know, Ghost Recon: Wildlands just got a new free update: Tier 1. This update adds a new progression system for players beyond level 30 as well as a weapon progression system. Additionally, the lower Tier you make it to (it counts backwards from 50, because why not) the tougher the game gets. All of this has lead me to rethink my weapon loadout (I finally made it back to 30 after losing my progression in my computer’s crash earlier this year), and the above is what I’m now going with.

I still find Assault Rifles to be invaluable thanks to the under-barrel grenade launcher, but with Tier 1 I’m starting to value Damage and Penetration (which refers to the ability to pierce enemy body armor, not walls and such) a lot more. As a result, I’ve shelved my trusty M4A1 in favor of the 556xi. I give up a bit of Handling, Rate of Fire, and Noise Reduction, but I gain Damage, Range, Accuracy, and Penetration in exchange. One catch this weapon platform has is it cannot use the STD Grenade Launcher, so you’ll to unlock the M203 GL. Eventually, this weapon will be replaced with the new unique LVOA-C that unlocks automatically for players who reach Tier 5, as it does everything the 556xi does, but better.

For my Sniper Rifle, the G28 is out in favor of the new Desert Tech HTI BDC that unlocks for players at Tier 40. This weapon is a beast, sporting some 33% more Damage than the base HTI (which makes it capable of one-shotting vehicles; the dream is alive, @stHeretic!) and a bit more Accuracy and Penetration. I’ve personally drained a number of choppers, Humvee, and even the odd supply truck (oops) with one giant, high-speed piece of metal ripping out of the barrel. I’ll miss the Rate of Fire of a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle, no doubt (and I’ll probably still switch in the G28 from time to time, as needed), but I can now walk much softer thanks to my proportionately-bigger stick.

The pistol slot is the only thing the jury is still out on. I’ve decided (for now) to switch to the unlockable Lady Killer version of the 5.7 over the 5.7 USG I’d been using simply because it has a bit more damage. I sacrifice a bit of Accuracy, Handling, Range, and Rate of Fire to make this transition, but given that enemies are going to get tankier (and I never fire it outside of ~50m, and only in stealth), I think it’s for the best. That said, I’m not convinced the ~15% additional damage will be needed, so it’s a toss-up really; I may yet switch back, but since this is the last weapon slot I’ll level, I’ve still got some time to think on it.

Figuring out which weapons you’re going to use as you head into Tier 1 is important now that there’s a progression system for them. Maxing a single weapon will cost you 103,500 of each type of supply (by my math), which comes out to a shitload of supply trucks. The first upgrade costs 2,000 of each, the next 2,100 of each, etc., all the way up to level 30 (the max) and increases the Damage stat of the weapon. Thankfully, progression through the Tier 1 update also gives you a % bonus to gathering supplies (seems to be +5% per level), but that’s still a lot, so pick your weapons carefully and don’t upgrade willy-nilly. See y’all in Bolivia :wink: