Avg Playtime?



What is the average time of day most people play? I have a 16 month old now so just trying to get a schedule so I can join in with you guys as much as possible =)


I’m usually on about 7pm to 11pm EST on weekdays. I too have a 16 month old, so i usually have to wait for him to go to sleep. luckily he sleeps like a rock. weekends are a pretty sparse for me lately since the weather is getting is nicer and family time is increasing. i also have projects piling up around the house that require weekends to complete.


I play after my kids go to bed at 8pm CST. I have an 8 year old, a 3 year old and a 15 month old.


5-6 pm to 11pm est weekends.


I usually on early morning or late evening. PSTish.


i play after my 11 month old goes to bed, so 9PM to midnight.


Evenings 8-10 PST; however, not much lately due to queue.


Got a 4 year old that likes to negotiate. I’m usually on after 8PM-12ish CST.


school starting this fall + work starting the end of August = ALL DAY EVERY DAY!*

*Responsible human activities notwithstanding


My apologies to everyone the past two days I’ve logged in and after about 10 min gotten a wave of nauseous! I logged off real quick without saying anything then two hours later logged back in. Not sure if my body was fighting something but man I slept like a brick for two hours both times and then woke up feeling ‘ok’…

Again didn’t mean to sign off without saying anything!


8ish to 11ish +5est on weeknight 2-3 times a week once kids are asleep. Weekends here and there