Awarding Champion Points

Good explanation of how they awarding champion points, and the thought process behind the 70 point cap.
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Is there still a stratsco group playing ESO? I’m thinking of returning for update 6?


@java it has been a long time, good to see you. There has been an on going discussion if some of us from the original crew would resub. There are a few new faces encouraging as well. As for me I’m still on the fence.

Hello ther @java. We missed you.

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Hey Fellas…I’ve haven’t posted in some time but I still lurk. :slight_smile: Yeah, TBH i’m not sure if I can get back into ESO again anyways… It may be time to get a ps4 & GTV5. :wink:


Come on over, friend!

After ZoS originally announced a 30 point max, I stopped grinding the VR14 and started a Nightblade. Got that to level 50/VR1, then switched to a new Templar. That is currently at level 13. Even though they upped the max to 70 points, my VR14 is at that anyway and I still want one of each class at level 50/VR1 if possible because you only earn MORE champion points after a character you are using is at level 50/VR1. I’m very happy they upped the max so I get more than someone who played for 3 weeks or less. I am really interested in seeing the system come out.

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Latest from ZoS on Champion System:
It looks like there are 9 minor constellations, with 8 stars in each. If you can spend 100 points on each, that is 7200 points. I thought the max was 3600. Maybe I am missing something.

well, I don’t think they want you to spend points in every one, they want you to specialize. I thought that was the whole point of it.

They had said a while back that you could end up maxing, but it would take so many thousands of hours that it should take most players several years to do it. I am just hoping they release what all the constellations/benefits are before dropping the system in so I can preplan. With 70 points to spend, I could potentially unlock the 10 point passives in 6 of the 9 minor constellations. Since it rotates between Warrior, Thief and Mage, the last 10 points will be spread between the 3 major constellations. If I was careful with where I spent the points, I could unlock 3 more of the 10 point/minor constellation passives after earning 20 more points, giving me one 10 point passive in each minor constellation.