Awesome Gaming Rig


Found on reddit:


All that work to just drop some black cables down the wall like that…


Can i haz it… i just wanna touch it… my precious lol.


That is amazing. @Vocino has a point though. He could have got some sick monitors too.


I would be more concerned with dust. Gotta blow that thing twice a week.

And his speakers are sad.

2/10 too much of a gimmick.


I dunno. Sure, there’s going to be some dust, but nothing like a typical case sitting on a floor with air flow pulling the dust into it. If anything, now you can see when there’s dust and deal with it much more easily than the average PC case. Also, since the whole thing is water-cooled, dust will have a much smaller impact on it than an air-cooled system.

It would have been nice to see the follow-through on a better cable routing to the desk and I concede the points also about the shit speakers and unimpressive monitor (hell, I’m playing on a 42in TV at monitor range, personally), but the hardware layout was well-done, IMO. Not much design space left for expansion, unfortunately…


What do you consider “monitor range”? Do you not have a problem with keeping the whole screen in sight and have to constantly move your eyes around?


Inside 24 inches from eyes to screen.

I do (you can tell on my streams, my eyes are constantly darting around), but I also don’t have the problem of straining to see small things (this would cause me to lean forward and put stress on my neck, which has been messed up proper-bad for a couple years now) and the immersion factor is off the charts (no “real-life” in my peripheral vision); I basically just relax, lean back, and get sucked into my games :wink:


I saw a red computer of the same setup. it’s pretty genius and looks pretty!


You have no idea how hard I laughed when I read that! Seriously when I saw the picture I said to myself “why have the f*****g black cables down the wall?!”


Spent all his money on a PC and has to rent his apartment. Landlord said no holes in the wall. :wink:


I was actually pretty tempted to do this with my new build, nothing really you can do about the wires being dropped down though. I mean yeah you can punch some holes in the wall and feed them through but most of the time its just not worth it. I remember seeing an album from a couple months ago on /r/buildapc and I think this is a really good example of the possibilities though. Solves the dust worries nicely and the cords look a little more organized, but definitely a massive amount of effort.

edit: some other cool ones