Axiom Verge Release



Launching this Tuesday on the PSN is a new game called Axiom Verge. Inspired by old school 2D games like Metroid and Contra it has appealed to me since Sony announced the Spring Fever lineup. Reviews are starting to come out and so far it’s been getting great reviews (The lowest I’ve seen is 7.9 from IGN. But that’s IGN). Lots of powerups and items to collect, big bosses, a large map, secrets and a hard mode (as well as a “speedrun” mode.) Seems like a good amount of replay value for people who like to Platinum games. What’s most impressive is that everything was done by one indie developer.

Is anyone else going to be getting this? I’m a huge fan of metroidvania style games and the price is mad decent. Trailer below:


Can I invade you


No I don’t think he has the right sound card for it


@teh_ninjaneer + @DrizztDo_Urden69: Loooool, you two~


You won’t be mocking my sound card when you see my uber League sk1llz.


Miss me yet lol? @teh_ninjaneer bruh wait till I get back, we’ll see these so called League skills lol


:sadgumball: That feel when your friends would rather make fun of you then talk about your game topic :sadgumball:


I’ve actually been playing some ARAM to get back in the game!

I don’t see any multiplayer in that video. I just want to play with you.


Awww! I just spread the word about Axiom! Told my guy about this game because he loves retro-styled games. :smile:


That’s good man, and @Nubhugs we already have like 10 games we need to play together so don’t even cry about it lol