Ayyy, Skullflower here <3


I am Pope Skullflower McGee, Destroyer of Worlds, Eater of Suns. My IRL name is Danielle (don’t let my first name fool you).

I am a full time gamer and part time copy & print girl from College Station, Texas. Please don’t stalk me.

I mainly play RPGs and FPS. My top games right now are Destiny (PS4), Warframe (PC), Black Ops 3 (PS4) and GTA Online (PC). I am planning on adding The Division (PS4) to that list.

I found my way here from The Division Discord server (thanks GuardianX).

I think I am alright. I hope you do too <3

Not really new, but here is an intro

Sounds like massive heartburn.


Hey there, welcome to Strats! A bunch of us hang out on Discord if you want to join us…

Strats Discord Channel


Welcome to the family!!! We have a fairly active Destiny crew still and some that get together for GTO sessions still on occasion I believe.


Welcome, hopefully you’ve made your way here as well: [The Division] Strats clan , our division family is growing wonderfully!


Welcome, excited for the Division.

PS: Thanks for the referral @GuardianX


Oh snap, we have a few people in Texas already!

Paging @PreshusKitty @Auth @Diacuss

Also, welcome! Hang out with us in discord if you like!




you can add me to the Texas list, what RPGs do you play?


Eh, some suns are worse than others.


A lot of ARPGs, like Diablo III, and in the past, I’ve played a ton of Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Those are some of my personal favorites.


I love me some dragon age xD
anyways - welcome to strats!


Welcome to the community.


Division (PS4)?! PC 4 lyfe.


Welcome to Strats!


Seeing as @teh_ninjaneer already stole my witty reply (to the early replier go all the spoils), I’ll just keep things simple.

Welcome aboard!


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