Back from a brief break!

I have been on vacation for the past week and it was actually nice to get away from Destiny (well I did catch up on a lot of lore and theories reading by the pool) as I have been playing nonstop since I got the game when I got back from deployment in October. I love the gameplay, the gear, and the story (presentation could be better…) but what I realized I really enjoy is the people: you guys. Having such a great group of people to play with and to share the experience with is what really keeps me coming back. It all started veterans day weekend when Drizz and Dynamible ran me through the nightfall and it’s been a blast since.

Anyways tomorrow about 10PM EST it’s catch up time for me. Anyone who needs to do the weekly/nightfall/raid come join!



Hey James, welcome back. What you’ve expressed is exactly what prompted the creation of what we have here. Not only for the game we were playing at the time but for any other game into the future. We found the people were the common factor that made gameplay fun across many games.

Great to have you!

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How was your vacation!? We got to help you through the raid now.

Glad to have you back brother.

Vacation was amazing. My wife and I went to the island of Saba (Netherlands Antilles). Lots of diving and hiking. This was the view from the hotel.

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Dude that’s fucking awesome I’m jealous!! But very happy for you and your wife.

Oh dear Lord. That is incredible.

Clearly roughing it; welcome back to the civilized world :wink: