Back from a two-year break from streaming!


Hey everyone! Some of you may know me, others may not. I recently started streaming again for a few weeks, and I’m glad I have enough time in my hands to finally stream and socialize online. It has been a long time and I definitely need to catch up on anything that was added while I was gone in the team: new members, sections, etc…

To give another introduction about myself, I am a Korean-American who loves to play one particular game, Osu!. I have a variety of games as well, such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Don’t Starve, Dead Island, L4D2, Star Wars: Battlefront, Sim City Series, etc… I am generally a fan of Sandbox and Beat games. I am extremely passionate in streaming and making friends from across the world. However, there are times that completely restrain me from doing so. I also do some graphics designing, such as drawing and making logos (pen/vector tool). Yes, I am a High School student, but about to go to college next year.

Overall, I am glad to be back in the community and I will try my best to be more active!


Awesome! I’m Taiwanese American and super old, nice to meet another Asian-American in gaming that likes graphic design!


Hey mate, welcome (back) to the party!


Welcome back to the party! Feel free to grab yourself a non-alcoholic :tropical_drink:!


Water will be fine haha. I forgot to mention that during the two-year break I have been thinking more about the future for my life. I was lucky enough to get a four-year scholarship to Santa Clara University for the AROTC program and also a Congressional Nomination to be able to go to West Point. Yes, I have done the extras such as the DODMERB, Physical Tests, and Interviews and passed all of them. I still need to wait on West Point, but I’m glad how my life has straightened out to a career of becoming an Army Officer/Infantry Officer.


Welcome! And good for you!


Welcome back! :strats_blue:


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