Back from Barcelona, what's up?


I feel like I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. How are you peeps?

I’ve been playing a bit of Uncharted 4 on PS4 and Tropico 5 (which is the current free PS Plus game). I booted up Star Wars Battlefront a couple times, too. Haven’t played the new changes too much but the Hutt contract deals look pretty interesting.



Ya know, same old :poop: different smell. I play Battlefront like once every week, pretty much because no one to team with. Last night i was lucky to have won/gifted Overwatch for PC thanks to @teh_ninjaneer and @ducksauce88.

Started to do paperwork for moving to Germany. Getting my daugther German passport… Such a pain!! I have to travel to two different cities just for freaking stamps! Then getting my old lady her Visa. Looks like we will be apart at least for 6 months before she gets the Visa.

Other than that, all is good.

edit: Those are a lot of unlocked cores!!


Hi @Vocino I’m glad you’re back from Overwatch. Those Overwatch games you are playing are Overwatch, but you should really be playing Overwatch on PC. It really stinks that the Overwatch CPU above is so much bnet money, but it will probably be worth it to play Overwatch with. Anyway, see you on Overwatch.

  • Sincerely Overwatch


Yeah. And the benchmarks aren’t particularily flattering either…

If you’re overclocking, the 6900k is about the same speed as a 5960x, but costs a bit more, and the 6950x is 25% more cores at a much slower clock speed for 75% more cost.

I was excited, but now I’m not. I’m just going to stick with my 4770k.


Just looking at the raw data, you are only gaining .2GHz with the 6900k


Yes, but you will also get gains in per clock performance from the new architecture.


I think I saw on the news that Facebook is laying pipe from Virginia to Spain. @Vocino


i wasn’t impressed either. i’m glad i waited, but only because of possible price drops on prior generations.


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