Back on track with streaming



So finally tonight I’ll be getting back to my regular streaming schedule, which is more often than not every day, I’ll be playing the witcher 3 for a bit possibly but tonight will consist of a bit of warframe, and in honor of Halloween since I was stuck at work last night for 11 hours and had to come back at 8 in the morning, I’ll be playing a couple of horror games like layers of fear, five nights at Freddy’s, and Kraven manor if I can get that to work.

I’ve also set up an extra life donate page and button on my channel so that if people would like to donate It’ll go to helping children with medical issues, It’s only until the 7th so hopefully I meet my $200 goal!

channel is
go ahead and give me a follow, I follow back and hopefully I’ll see some of you tonight!!


Good luck!!!


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