Bad Windows 7 Patch Alert Mar 12 2015


Looks like MS tried to repair a bad stuxnet patch and it may cause a reboot loop.

The patch is KB3033929

A little more info is here:

Hold off on applying that patch, if you can. If you get applied it and have problems, go into safe mode and uninstall it (It will be under control panel>programs>programs and features>installed updates in the Microsoft Windows Sub Section and would have been applied this week. The entry you are looking for should look like

Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3033929)


aaaaaaaaand this is why I have patching set to manual install :wink:


Thank goodness my OS is secure from this oversight.

Lookin’ good baby. You wouldn’t believe how sweet Strats looks from Netscape.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up though @MrSavage. I have a secondary laptop that runs off 7 that I’ll hold off on patching for now.


Oh god does that bring back memories or what?

Thanks for the heads up! I think mine auto patches. :frowning: Oh well.


Holy crap @Nubhugs! I haven’t seen that screen since I was living with a Triceratops :wink: Brings back some awesome memories!


Some things you just can’t let go of. 3.1 is one of them… just look at that GUI. Mmmmm.

Besides, have you seen the upgrade package? No thank you. I don’t have time to install this, I have to go see Nirvana live.


OMG ROFL @Nubhugs

“Disc 1 of 3711”

But back on topic thanks to @MrSavage for this. I check my computer to make sure I didn’t have this patch installed


How does that even work? Why does this exist?


It’s better than what Sony did a couple years ago :wink:


dat Nutscrape