Bandwidth? How much do I need?



So, I was just starting to get into streaming a bit before I moved. Nothing big, just streaming some PvP and WvW in GW2.

When I moved I got the run around from my cable company so I ended up switching to another company, but at much slower speeds than I’m used to. My current speed is 18Mbps (I was used to 80) which is actually enough for me to be gaming and my wife to be streaming Netflix or whatever. But I’m curious if that’s enough to be streaming on twitch as well?

Which finally brings me to my actual question, How much of a bandwidth hog is twitch?


What you really need to look at is how much your upstream is since you are sending more information then you are downloading when you stream.


The 18Mbps sounds like an AT&T download speed.

I guess I should ask, are you trying to upload to Twitch or do you want to watch Twitch in addition to Netflix? And did you sign up with AT&T?


Upload, and yes ATT

And this is a really good point and it basically answers my question because my Upload speeds are terribad.


I have specific knowledge about this because I used AT&T for years up until about 3 months ago. I assume you have 1.5Mbps upload speed.

I tried streaming with my PS4 and usually the best I could do was the “high” quality setting for games like Bloodborne. I had to use the “medium” setting for Destiny.

You might be able to stream some low-action PC games. Turn-based games or maybe an ARPG or MOBA. But a shooter or MMO is most likely out of the question.