"Bastion 2.0" Sentry vs Recon vs Soldier - Overwatch




While trolling through Reddit, someone has already whipped together a DPS comparison of Bastion 2.0’s different modes to Soldier 76. I can definitely see the new version of the Bastion campsite still dealing serious damage against a tank, but moving targets will likely unleash serious hurt that they couldn’t before. Me wonders who the damage reduction in sentry mode will play into this?


coupled with moving heal? yea, this guy’s gonna be nice


One major problem with this comparison is the way they’re depicting Soldier 76; a good Soldier (even an okay one) will tap fire, meaning there will be no shot spread (and the demonstration is using held fire, with many bullets not hitting). I’d love a true comparison of the fire modes and Soldier 76 being used optimally over this click-and-hold one.


I find this to be incorrect. Many Soldier players go full-auto and empty a clip. His bullet spread is so tight that he can still kill a flying Pharah.

Soldier’s bullet spread really needs to be increased. I understand he’s supposed to be the easy-to-pick-up-generic-shooter character, but he’s a little too good in most situations.


Yes and no. Yes, many soldiers (lower skilled) go full auto, no, his bullet spread is not even sorta kinda tight enough to kill a flying pharah at any kind of range without tapping ESPECIALLY a mercy/pharah combo. (he spends two full clips on a non moving target in the video at a range that is about minimum for most pharah encounters)

I think its good for bastion to have a little better dps for those with poor tap skills because he doesn’t have rockets to help out. Let’s be honest, both of these characters are intended to get lower skilled/lower strategy players in the game, in which case the video shows a very valid comparison for the majority of people using these characters.

I’m just excited because I love playing mobile bastion and hated having to hide to heal like Roadhog (he doesn’t have the hp to take a surprise attack while healing like Roadhog does). As for the spread, I like that he is going to be less of a sniper turret of death and more of a suppression/shield killer in sentry form. That long transition time has killed me more than anything else as bastion and I don’t really ever play him so I’m glad they shortened that up. I think the changes are great ideas and can’t wait to see if they work out, hope that gets cheezy bastion players up and moving cause I hate switching to a classic bastion turret counter, they aren’t my favorites to play

Edit: probably what they should have done was leave the reticle bloom on in the video so you would have a visual comparison


They dont use any burst fire, which would make soldier at least do more damage.