Battle of the Daves


Hey Dave,

Welcome, so I’m sure you’ll make a fine addition. However, there are like five Daves in the guild now. Hope you can cut it… not being serious at all.

Congrats on the coming additions to our grand planet and your household!!!

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)

Hahaha yeah I saw there were a few Daves already posting intros. Thanks tho! Things are about to get crazy around here.



I suggest you guys fight to the death for king of the Daves.

PS: I moved these posts out of the intro thread.


We are all Dave. We are a collective.


Lol Daves Unite!


Screw that!

There can only be one Davelander


Dirty weekend warriors, jkjk lol, I’ve been out since 2011 so I can’ really talk.

Welcome to Strats, it sounds like you’ll fit right in. What is Titanfall like? I really want to check it out.


I like to say my year overseas was a pretty long weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet it was!! No party like a sandbox party!!


This needs to be bumped since I’m sure we have more Daves to add to the club.