Battleborn: Another TF2 type shooter


Looks like Wildstar threw up on Overwatch:


It’s made by the same company that does Borderlands. Art style and attitude are consistent. This game will likely be the MOBA + FPS hybrid, where Overwatch is just an updated Team Fortress.

I think there will be an audience for both games. Tower defense players might enjoy Battleborn. I’ve been following this game and will likely try it.


A MOBA+FPS hybrid definitely sounds interesting. I love Smite (even though that’s a Third Person Shooter).


You should check out Super Monday Night Combat on steam.
Pretty sure it’s F2P and it’s MOBA FPS


i have it. i actually beta tested that when it was called just Monday Night Combat. I didn’t try it much after release and name change. I guess i didn’t realize it at the time that it was a MOBA. I definitely saw that as a tower defense type of game. Most MOBA’s you don’t have to build the shit, you just have to protect it.


Are you sure that you didn’t just play Monday Night Combat? Because that was released quite a while before this and it was more of a tower defense. This is kind of the sequel that’s more similar to a MOBA.


i’m pretty sure i played both, but i’ll give Super another look. last time i checked though, there weren’t a lot of people playing it. i’ll check it out though, even if just to get hyped for Battleborn or whatever.


yeah, I know it didn’t go over too well when they released it. But when you said FPS/MOBA hybrid I thought of SMNC


i remember beta testing that game as well, it was pretty fun if I remember. full of intense gameplay. wish it had gone further.