Battleborn has a free-to-play trial!



Information here.

There was a big update to Battleborn last night so I assumed an announcement of free-to-play was imminent.

What they actually did was make the competitive PvP free. All maps and game modes are available to the free user, as well as a weekly rotation of 6 of the 30 total characters. The PvE missions and access to all characters still needs to be purchased.

If you decide to purchase the game after starting the free trial then all character levels and achievements will carry over to the full version. I know you can find physical copies of the console versions for 5 or 10 bucks. The Steam version is $30.

If you ever considered playing this game then now is a great time to try it out with no risk involved.


god this game is so good. i really wish they didn’t decide to release it the same week as Overwatch. it really got buried right out of the gate.


If this had come out months before Overwatch it would have had a chance. There are very few people playing though. The beta was great I really enjoyed that game.


How about less negativity in my thread and more people actually playing it, please.

Edit - Steam shows 812 currently playing. That’s better than the ~200 people who have been playing it for weeks or months.


If you dont want honesty in the replies please state so in your OP :blush:


I am going to make one last plea for this game.

Since Battleborn went f2p last week, the PC version has been averaging about 1,000 players (700-1300). That is good stuff and it needs to continue.

It really has very little in common with Overwatch. It is more of a first-person MOBA or tower defense type game.

It’s free to try the PvP! Absolutely nothing to lose except some time.