Battleborn Megathread



Since there has been some confusion about the game in the Overwatch Megathread I thought it might be helpful to create the Battleborn Megathread!

Battleborn launches next Tuesday, May 3 for PC, PS4 and XB1. It is developed by Gearbox, the creators of the Borderlands franchise. The quick story of the game is that there is one remaining star in the universe and a band of badasses must fight to protect it from being destroyed.

What more do you need for a shooter?

  • The game will launch with 25 playable heroes.

  • There will be a Story Mode which will consist of 10 levels/maps, I believe. Each of these can be played solo or co-op with up to 5 total party members. There are two difficulty levels and also a “hardcore” mode which doesn’t allow respawning.

  • PvP has 3 modes, all 5v5: 1) Capture-and-hold, 2) a MOBA-style where you defend your base from minions while leading your own minions to the enemy, and 3) escorting your minions on a lemming run to the center of the map to score points, team with most points wins

  • The game has a progression system, both on a global scale and an individual mission scale. During each match (both story mode and PvP) you will level your character from 1 to 10, choosing talents at each new level. Your character resets for each new match. However, the XP you collect also gains that character levels on a global scale, earning skins and such. In addition, your account has a level associated with it as well in order to earn titles, badges, etc. So there are a lot of carrots dangling.

And now it’s time for the videos:

So that’s the quick and dirty on Battleborn. Any questions or comments put them in this thread and I’ll respond with what I know.


Someone was swell enough to make an Overwatch vs Battleborn Youtube video. I agree with everything this guy says. Note that he only discusses the PvP aspects since there is no Overwatch PvE.


I saw this 2 days ago I think and couldn’t agree more with his assessment.


People actually compare Overwatch and Battleborn? Huh… :expressionless:


Quite often, actually. Usually the uninformed are the ones doing it. I see reddit posts or forum threads asking which is the better game, which should I buy, etc.


Battleborn preload on Steam is active NOW!


A page detailing what to expect on launch day has been posted on the Battleborn website.

The lowdown:

  • Pre-load currently available on Steam and XB1. PS4 will be available May 1.

  • Launch times around the world are dependent on your time zone. If you’re in NZ or AUS, then you will start playing at midnight (for consoles) or early morning (PC) local time on May 3. Launch for USA is midnight Eastern.

  • Reviews will be released starting at 10AM PDT Monday. This will still allow you time to preorder the game if you are interested.

  • The Season Pass is focused on adding Story Mode content. After launch, 5 more characters will be added. New PvP modes and maps will also be added later. These new heroes and PvP content will be free.


Let’s get excited for Battleborn!

I won’t be the only person playing this, right? :cry:


I’m on the fence and waiting on the reviews and feedback following release. Assuming that goes well (and there’s a budget) it’s on my short list :wink:


Sounds like I need to work on my video skills as discussed in my other thread!


Over the last 2 years Strats has pretty well been directly responsible for all my purchases; if you lot aren’t playing it or saying good things about it, a game doesn’t generally seem worth my while :wink:


I preordered. I played beta on Xbox One and loved it. Bought it on PC.


I’m glad someone else wants to be a badass.


Here’s the intro movie to Battleborn. If you like Aeon Flux then you just might enjoy this. Unfortunately I think there are only movies at the beginning and end of the campaign.


Not a lot of traffic in this thread.

Since the retail release I’ve only been playing solo PvE because I learned that joining the co-op queue means your mission is chosen randomly. I first wanted to play through the story in order.

So far I have completed the prologue and 4 of the 8 PvE missions. Length of each mission ranges 30-45 minutes. The type of mission seems varied as well; you have a pure “kill everything”, an escort mission, a wave defense, etc. So there seems to be something for everyone.

I’ll probably get into the PvP after I finish the story missions. So far I’m happy with my purchase.


What if you went in with a group; would you have any say in which mission you did or would it still be random?


I haven’t formed a group yet so I can’t answer definitively. However, the choices are between Story Public and Story Private.

Public is what puts you into the “co-op queue” and fills the group for you. Private starts the game solo. I assume if you had a premade group of 2-5 people it would start the match with that number of people. So if you want to play a specific map then always choose Private regardless of solo or grouped.

I guess if you are a solo player but want that grouped experience then you’re stuck with the randomness of Public. Unfortunately Public seems to always make you a 5-man group.


I’ve been enjoying the pve gameplay, haven’t tried the pvp at all yet. Trying to do missions with @Zniri a bit, but the server seems to be having issues.


Private groups choose the mission.


@teh_ninjaneer what system are you playing this for?