Battlefield 1 beta - PC LFG



Anyone in he battlefield 1 beta want to play? Add me origin name = selgood.


this should prob be in LFG but i don’t know how to change it


Fixed. And I’m playing on PS4.


Paging @Miguera

Here is another dude for BF1 PC!

Also going to change title so people come here for BF1 PC.


hell yeah add me in origin MigueraV… BF1 ftw :triumph:


PopeSkullflower is my Origin.

I’m playing a bit of BF1 on PC. I wanna get to rank 15 and play the four days to get the dog tag :grin:


I’m also playing. Pretty sure it’s dadspicable


Added/accepted everyone in this thread. Let me know if you guys wanna play I’ll be hanging out in the strats discord.


My Origin is Screamowaffles17


Hey :slight_smile: im also looking for people that are looking for other awesome people to play with!! I added all of you and hope to see you areound soon :smiley:

Anyone else looking for people to play with that sees this can add me
Origin: AskForLess


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